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Foshan haoyaju Ceramic Co., Ltd.

Is  located in Nanzhuang town, the ceramic capital of China, is a modernized construction material manufacturer of  porcelain polished tiles,

 glazed polished tiles, macrostone tiles ,rustic tiles and waterproof interior wall tiles, which increasingly win clients favor in domestic market ,

Southeast, Middleeast, European countries and etc .


Scientific quality control system and globally updated development technology gurantee product high quality,  the company strictly applies ISO9001 International Quality Control Standard; all products passed the GB/T4100-2006 National Quality Standard and GB6566-2001 (Limit of Radionuclides in Building Materials) A Standard.

R&D Advantage

The competition of new century is the competition of science productivity; R&D ability is the most important aspect in enterprise developing. Value Ceramics sticks to the developing principle “Innovation, Comfort and Green Products”, build a powerful motor of the enterprise.

Equipment Advantage

Full set of producing and quality control equipment imported from Italy includes the rotary printing machine, the ink jet printing machine, the 100ton huge raw material grinding mill, the environmental friendly and energy saving water gas shift tower, which are powerful proofs of the strength of a brand.

Production Capability Advantage

Modernized manufacturing base holds 7 production lines, strong producing power and scientific management shows a huge supplying ability. No matter sales busy season or projects intensive phase, we can easily reach the demand.

Supply Chain Advantage

Professional cooperated logistics companies and strong supplying power make a 5 stars combination, transport your products on time and in time.

Personnel Advantage

Talented person is the core competitiveness of an enterprise. Value Ceramics enjoys a completed R&D team, and keeps absorbing new professional experts. With high-qualification people like silicate engineers, mechanical engineers, automation control engineers and so on, we have leading advantage in this aspect.

Technology Advantage

Value Ceramics cooperate with famous ceramics labs and glaze and pigment suppliers, keeps new tech updating, makes sure we stay in the advancing front of technology developing.

Raw Material Advantage

Huge raw materials warehouse is a strong back-up for the development of the enterprise.