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Feeling of Two days of study on seven habits of high-performance people


I am penny.I am a strong learning ability after 90's, I speak for myself.
Do Business, I follow two criteria, first, I am good at my products, and second, I am good at my character. I firmly believe that doing these two things, business will follow. I have always believed in a word, because of hard work, fruitful.
In the past two days, I participated in two days of study on seven habits of high-performance people. I am here to share my own understanding.
What are the 7 habits, the habit of one: proactive, habit 2: the beginning, the habit 3: the first thing, the habit 4: win-win thinking, habit five, knowing each other, getting used to six. Integration and improvement, habit seven, constantly updated.
What is more profound in my life is habit 2, there is such a case here. One person asked the team to build a ship, so what to do, Just let your team have a vision of the sea., and the boat will come naturally. In fact, we do the same for the company. Another point is that habit 3 is the first thing, a good time management, 80% of the time to deal with important and urgent things, so that you can complete important things by self-discipline. Plan to practice. The last point is a win-win thinking. This is one of the important thinkings of effective cooperation between people and people. It is necessary to benefit people and have a personal perspective. The key is not the skill, but the sincere management.
All along, I sincerely treat each of my clients and strive to achieve a win-win situation.
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